Kitchen Design

Here at The Kitchen Gallery, we aim to design your kitchen space and create the vision of your dreams.

A kitchen that is practical, functional, aesthetically pleasing and suits your needs. We liaise with our customers through every aspect so they feel part of the design process welcoming their suggestions and feedback. It all starts with a site visit measuring service to your home then onto the planning and design elements, once layouts and colours are agreed we bring it all to life with a 3D picture of your finished design.

Site Visits

Our Co-ordinator with 30 years fitting experience visits your home he will listen to your ideas and wants, advising you regarding layouts and practicalities as well as evaluating and discussing any questions or issues you may have. He has extensive knowledge of our products from the kitchen ranges, work surfaces, Appliances and any other services you may need to complete your project.


On visiting your home our Co-ordinator will measure your kitchen space the good old fashioned way with a Tape measure, Pen and Paper, He will take into account heights, widths, Lengths and obstacles like pipes, boilers etc..
Even a newly built unfinished addition and prior to alteration spaces can be measured using basic building work calculations.

3D Rendering

This is where the fun begins, once we have your measurements, requirements and needs we aim to bring your kitchen to life. A 3D design of your kitchen is sent to you showing the layout, kitchen range, colours, appliances and worktops. You can then see your kitchen in detail and alterations and amendments can be made.